Holbox, the Mexican island that stole my heart

After Coachella and a few days in California, I decided to take a solo trip to Mexico. At first, I didn’t know if it was a good idea with all the horrible things media keep saying about Mexico. I asked a Mexican friend for advice and he said it would be safer to go to touristic places but also I was thinking that I should trust the universe and just go for it … so I flew to Cancun. Cancun is a very famous city, however, I didn’t want to stay in The city itself as I know it is a little bit too touristic and more of a “party” destination. The only thing I saw from Cancun was the airport. I wanted a place where I can really chill. I knew Tulum would be a good option but the weather was so bad that week. Another friend who just came back from Mexico told me about Holbox. So I took the ferry to that tiny beautiful island in the north of Cancun.

I booked a room in a pretty boutique hotel in the center which offered good accommodation and free bikes. If I had to re-do it, I would take a hotel by the beach as there is not much to see in the center.

First thing I did when I got there was to check out the beach of course. And there it was, I will let these pictures speak.

I had guacamole and tacos and it tasted nothing like what we are used to eat outside of Mexico. It was a whole other level of good food. So I fell in love with the beach, the tacos and decided to stay there for a week.

Holbox has such a good vibe, there are no cars, it is tiny, there are hammocks everywhere and all you can do is relax. It reminded me a lot of Gili Trawangan in Indonesia.

There are plenty of stuff you can do on the island : Visit the 3 islands, Snorkeling, Explore the glowing beach by night ( I wasn’t able to see that as it wasn’t the right season 😦 ). A lot of hotels offer yoga classes and it is always a good idea to kick off the day.

My typical day there would be : wake up, take my bike, do yoga, eat Mexican food, go to the beach, watch the unbelievable sunset …

I didn’t go out at night so I can’t say much about the nightlife on the island …

Holbox is a Mexico’s best kept secret as some people say, and I recommend it 100% ❤️

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