Tulum : Cenotes and beyond .. 1/2

While in Mexico, I wanted to explore Tulum as it is on everyone’s mouths but also on everyone’s Instagram. As a first timer, I didn’t know where to stay, there are a few options : The city center “Tulum Town” with hotels, restaurants, shops etc, it is like 10 minutes driving from the beach .. “Tulum Beach” North/South where you have all the hotels, resorts, beach restaurants, yoga centers and more importantly the beach … I checked a few articles online and I finally booked a small boutique hotel in Tulum Town to play it safe. And guess what, WRONG MOVE. It is actually better to stay in Tulum Beach as it is where all the cool things happen. But what happens in Tulum actually ?

First things first, if you don’t have a car, you will really need to rent a bike. It is how everyone gets around there.

Tulum is a resort town where people go to chill and relax, what you will find : Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Astrology Reading .. anything spiritual to help to your mind and body balance. No big party “a la Cancun”. Even the food is not your ordinary mexican food, all the restaurants are vegan friendly, organic, dairy free .. etc ! It has all this LA vibe in a mexican setting.

There is also a lot to see, whether you are into nature, history, or just lifestyle.

If you’re into history, you can explore the Tulum ruins. Tulum was a mayan city from the 13th century. Each mayan city had a specific purpose, and Tulum was no exception. It was a seaport trading mainly in turquoise and jade. The ruins today stand beautifully on the coast with an amazing sea view.

If you’re into nature, the must see around this area are the cenotes.

I have tried two, the Cenote Ik Kil and the Gran Cenote. I strongly recommend the Gran Cenote, it is truly a magical place and only 10 minutes away from Tulum Town. The cenote Ik Kil was just too crowded and felt like a tourist trap.

A lot of people go to Dos Ojos Cenote and recommend it as well. Locals favorite is the cenote Crystal. You can also dive in the cenotes and I believe the experience is amazing. I don’t have a diving license so I only did snorkeling.

Here a few photos from the Gran Cenote.

If you’re going to Mexico, don’t miss out on the cenotes in Riveira Maya. They are really mind blowing. I hope this article will help you with your travel, my next one about Tulum will be more lifestyle oriented.

Enjoy !

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