Tulum : Cenotes and beyond … 2/2

Here it is, my second article on Tulum that I hope would inspire you if you’re going there.

One thing sure is that I was obsessively feeding my self with bowls the whole time, as much as I like mexican food, Tulum is heaven when it comes to healthy organic food. If you’re like me, a bowl junkie, here you go, these were my go-to :

Matcha Mama :

It is on Tulum Beach, at the end of the main alley, the address on Google is actually wrong 🙂

Raw Love Tulum :

This one is on Tulum Beach as well. It is inside a hotel called Ahau Tulum. The location is really nice !

When I wasn’t visiting the cenotes or eating bowls, I liked to explore the hotels where you can actually spend your day even if you’re not staying. I visited a few and these really stood out. They are both on Tulum Beach.

Casa Malca :

Casa Malca was formerly owned by notorious drug baron Pablo Escobar. It was abandoned after he died and subsequently bought by New York art dealer Lio Malca. Malca’s private collection of art is scattered around the hotel.

Azulik Tulum :

Azulik is an experience by itself, it is a stunning hotel with an amazing setting, an art gallery and a restaurant. The restaurant really worths it but you have to book in advance especially if you want to do the sunset dinner.

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