Bachelorette Party in Lisboa – The things we did

Last weekend, we went to Lisboa with a couple of girlfriends for the bachelorette of my dear friend who is getting married in September.

We had girls coming from Paris and others coming from Morocco, we needed a destination that would be easy for everyone. Direct flights from Casablanca are pretty limited to major cities and capitals of Europe, we wanted some sun and some fun. After a hundred messages on our WhatsApp group, we decided we’re going to Lisboa.

Lisboa is just one hour flight from Casablanca (TAP or Royal Air Maroc), we have heard a lot about it, it is young, busy and surprisingly affordable for a European capital. Although, I have already been there with my parents, a girls trip always gives a second opinion.

We started planning about 2 months ago, and we wanted to give our girl a memorable trip.

For accommodation, I’d recommend you to stay in Bairro Alto which is the heart neighborhood of the city.

The things we did in Lisboa :

– On our first night out, we had dinner in a cool restaurant called “Pao a Mesa” then we hung out in Bairro Alto where the whole city meets for drinks. The atmosphere is chill, no big party, just busy streets with people cups in hands. One advice tho, if you’re going there just make sure to wear comfy shoes.

– On our second day, we had pretty much everything planned. We started the day with a lunch (yes, by the time everyone wakes up and gets ready, it is lunch time) at the famous TIME OUT MARKET LISBOA. A lot of options and amazing food, I strongly recommend. After that, we had our boat trip booked, we headed to the port to get it turn up in our catamaran. Boat days are always the best. The water is very cold tho, I didn’t jump, but my girls did and they sure will remember it.

We booked the trip on a website called !

On the evening, we had our dinner booked in “Chapito a Mesa” which offers a very beautiful view on Lisboa. The food is not crazy, but the location worth the visit.

We headed back home after dinner to change and party, we went to the Silk Club which I don’t really recommend. The party was empty, but we had fun !

– On our third day, we went to the beach. The Cascais coast has amazing beaches, I wasn’t expecting such a great one. We spent the day in Praia do Tamariz (it is funny cuz we have one under the same name in Casablanca) in Estoril. We took an Uber from Lisboa, it is affordable and very practical ! Uber Uber everywhere !

After the beach, we had our dinner booked in Bairro do Avillez which is the restaurant of the Top Chef winner of Portugal. The location is amazing and the food is succulent. I strongly recommend you to go there. After that, we hit the club called “Lux”, great vibe, more like underground electro music ! It has a rooftop and we even enjoyed watching the sunrise from there ! Yeah, that’s how we roll for the last fling before the ring ! I was pretty convinced that I was too old for clubs but .. no ! It is still fun with the right company !

– On Sunday, we brunch of course ! We went to a place called “Nicolau Lisboa” which had the brunch classics going from açaí bowls to avocado toasts !

After the brunch, everyone was pretty tired , we just got lost in Lisboa streets, bought a few things.

There was a sunset party at a place called “Ferrovario” ! We couldn’t make it but we heard it is cool ! For the night, we went to The iconic Pink Street and tried a few bars. We ended up in a club on the same street , it has the best music, the dj was mixing with vinyls and it felt so authentic ! No popping bottles, no tables, just a crowd and a DJ ! The BEST TIME !

Hope this article gives you a few tips for a bachelorette in Lisboa ! We definitely enjoyed our time and would do it over and over again !

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