Pretty Little Thing : The unicorn firm all over our closets

In 2013, a 24 y/o guy launched a new clothing website that goes by the name of Pretty Little Thing. This guy goes by the name of Umar Kumani, son of a British billionaire businessman, co-founder and CEO of the other famous british clothing website

PLT runs in the fast fashion industry and became number one fashion retailer in the UK over the last months with huge players like Asos, Missguided, or Boohoo itself.

How did they make it happen ? In my opinion, there is no secret to good marketing


PLT has a very precise strategy when it comes to its products, they would spot the latest trends seen on runways or worn by celebrities.

The product categories are made for the Instagrammer millenial girl who has an outfit for every occasion : Airport Outfits, Occasionwear, Day Drinks .. and it just talks to everyone.


Most of the collections are very affordable (cheaper than Zara), a few premium items are launched from time to time but only as capsule collections

  • Placement : DIGITALLY YOURS 

Pretty Little Thing only sells online, but a main store will be open soon in Los Angeles, Melrose Avenue, home of all the trendy shoppers.

  • Promotion : SEEN ON A KARDASHIAN

I think this played a huge role in the success of the firm, as they managed to get a few celebrities as brand ambassadors, Kylie Jenner or Chantel Jeffries to name a few. The brand went global after its collaboration with Kourtney Kardashian for a collection last year.

A big budget is allocated to brand promotion for sure, but today, in this digital era, collaboration with the right influencers allow to get an engaged audience and grow organically afterwards.

In terms of digital marketing, the firm is already using the latest technologies, for example, you can search by using a picture you have seen thanks to artificial intelligence.

Email Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to make a user come back on the website, and PLT knows that. After one single purchase, I have been receiving emails everyday.

Pretty Little Thing learned to evolve with its customers, they established themselves as a leader in the industry and it is only getting bigger. The last collaboration with Ashley Graham; inspirational role model especially for plus size target and the epitome of body confidence. The aim of this campaign is to empower the females who aren’t afraid to own the skin they’re in, and this demonstrate how good PLT are in targeting a wider audience.

I am pretty amazed by how things turned out for this firm which only sold a few accessories in its beginning.


PrettyLittleThings US Launch Party

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