Milan in 24 hours, things to do

I just had the chance to make a quick trip to Milan for one night and this is what you can do in 24 hours in Milano ..


1. Visit the must see Piazza Duomo, get inside if you can or try the rooftop, the view totally worth it.

2. Visit the galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II

While in the Duomo area, make sure to grab a coffee in the first Starbucks of Italy which opened in Milano last September and is considered as the most beautiful Starbucks of the world : The Milano Starbucks Reserve Roastery


It is lunch time and you can head over the Brera area for a walk and stroll over the nice vintage stores.

For food, I’d recommend to eat at Rossi Brera for pasta. The restaurant is located in a nice quiet street and the owner is so welcoming.


After lunch, you can either go back to the hotel for a quick nap or enjoy shopping in one of the most iconic streets in the world : VIA MONTE NAPOLEONE


Following the Italian tradition, it is time for aperitivo, I’d suggest you to go to Navigli, a hip gem in the Italian city . You can enjoy a drink by the beautiful canals and shop vintage books.

It is dinner time and you’re excited for pasta again, take a walk by the canals and make sure to get really hungry by the time you’re in the restaurant because you will need some appetite. For food, I’d suggest you to go to Principe de Navigli for the best pasta in town. Make sure to book before going, the place is usually packed.

My day is usually over after dinner but you can definitely party if you feel like it, the city offers many cool bars and clubs for the most brave.

Et VOILÀ, 24 hours in Milano, hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, and don’t forget to take pictures along the way

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