Bali, my forever favorite trip

I went to Bali in 2014 ….  a long time ago ( in terms of IG posts at least; you need to scroll down a lot on my profile to get to the BALI PICS), but I really felt like sharing a few memories from this trip as I would love to come back this year.

When I went to Bali, it was totally unexpected, we were first planning to go to Malaysia; but then once in Kuala Lumpur, my friend and I didn’t feel the vibe and decided to book a last minute trip to Bali. We took Air Asia from KL to Denpasar and it costed about 40 euros … lucky us it was really affordable.

TOUCHDOWN BALI, remember this is a last minute trip, we don’t even know where we are heading …. We asked a few friends who were on the island before, we did a little research, and we ended up in Ubud. It is in many ways Bali’s cultural heart; from what we heard.

1/ As we arrived to Ubud, we have been amazed by a religious ceremony happening that day, and this when the magic kicked in.

Then, we took a swim in the cute Guesthouse we stayed in and I put a flower on my head (Balinese way)

We visited a few temples and the monkey forest, but my most memorable experience remains the Mont Batur

1/ First, we spent a part of the night climbing the volcano

2/ Then we watched the sunrise, and it was the most beautiful thing …

3/ We had breakfast watching the sunrise, and this was the most perfect combo …

After Ubud, we decided to explore the Gili Islands … There are 3 Gilis : Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan. We stayed in Trawangan which is the biggest island also famous for the party and the good vibes …

1/ … We enjoyed the beaches

2/ … and the food …

3/ We went snorkeling and actually got to meet turtles (which is a rare thing)

Fun fact about this picture : We were swimming looking for turtles and I met this guy who was looking for turtles too, to take pics with his go pro. As I love pictures but also; I didn’t have a go pro, I asked him for a pic under the water. But .. He asked me how can he send me the pic and since I didn’t have my phone with me, I just asked him for his email address hoping my memory wouldn’t fail me for once. So I was there in the middle of the ocean, repeating a stranger’s email address, hoping I will get that pic. You know the end of the story because the pic is here obviously. When I got back to Paris, I emailed him and he sent me my pics. I LOVE THIS STORY.

4/ We danced like no one was watching …

And danced like everyone is watching in the few bars of the island, every night, there is one specific bar where the whole island gets together (you really need to imagine it as a really small island, a very small neighborhood, where everyone is barefoot, and you don’t have a single car) and the party is on until the sunrise.

5/ We had an impromptu photo shoot with a random photographer … just like that somewhere in this world, people offer to take pics of you and it involved coconuts ..

6/ And I witnessed the most beautiful sunset of my life. I actually cried just watching it. And there started my sunset obsession

We also went to Seminyak, took surf lessons in Kuta and met a lot of lovely locals and beautiful souls from all around the world.

I will cherish this trip forever, because Bali taught me to be happy .. just watching a sun rise … you know, the simple things in life !

I was wondering how come I had this special connection with this island, and as it turns out I am not the only one; I did a little research and found out that Bali is one of the energy centers aka chakras of this world. I MEAN, HOW MAGICAL IS THAT … This is why everyone who steps on this island, feels an immediate peace.

I really hope I will make it to Bali soon, there are so many things I would love to experience again.

From the valley

With Love

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