Agafay Desert : A must do in Marrakesh

If you are visiting Morocco, you will definitely need to visit the desert. While the Sahara is the most famous desert, there are other gems you still can enjoy and AGAFAY is one of them.

AGAFAY is only 30 km away from Marrakesh, which makes it easy to access.

The landscape is breathtaking and extremely exotic.

In terms of activities, you can enjoy a camel ride, a quad ride, chill and have mint tea in a tent, plan a photo shoot.

You can either spend the day or enjoy a sleepover under the sky promised to be full of stars. It is definitely something I would like to do next time as I only spent the day this time.

Here a list of the camps where you can spend the night, enjoy a nice Moroccan meal or a mint tea.





Here to remind you again how amazing Marrakesh is …

From the valley 🌵

With Love

IG : ibtifromthevalley

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