Essaouira, my list of places to visit

Bright and breezy Essaouira is a lovely port village on the moroccan Atlantic Coast. It is considered as an enchanting, laid back alternative of the frenetic melting pot of Marrakesh.

I visited Essaouira during the Gnaoua Festival which takes place each year in  June and have been amazed by the atmosphere and how surprising this city can be.

Beyond the port, the white-blue medina « old city » gives you some greek Mykonos vibes. So in this list of things to do, we will start by getting lost in the medina :

Does it make it cooler to let you know that Game of Thrones has been filmed here ?

Where to EAT :

  1. The port (Fresh fish and seafood a la plancha)
  2. Megaloft (kinda place to be)
  3. Salut Maroc (amazing rooftop and good food)


Where to STAY : 

While in Essaouira, I stayed in 2 different places, each one has a unique energy and vibe and I absolutely loved both. Villa Juba is my favorite with the yellow everything, made me think of the Amalfi Coast.

Marrakesh has always been my favorite city in Morocco, but after visiting Essaouira, I can tell you there is some serious competition for the number 1 spot. Relaxation is easy to find in Essaouira, as is a bus to Marrakech, for those looking for a daytrip.

From the valley,

With love,


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