3 weeks in Canggu, here is what to do

Canggu, Bali’s hippest new hotspot is especially popular among expats which is visible by the many modern villas popping up between the lush green rice fields and many new cafés owned primarily by people from overseas. All instagram worthy ….

I stayed in Canggu for 3 weeks and had the time to explore a few food options there, and other cool spots you can enjoy either for party, sunset or yoga. Here is my list

Eat & Brunch 


What I love about Bali and the Canggu area is the breakfast all day option available almost everywhere, I am absolutely fine with having avocado toasts and bowls for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, if you are a vegeterian/vegan, you are definitely in food heaven …

  • The Loft : Amazing food and cute location on Batu Belang. (picture above)
  • Samadi Bali: Best bowls and vegan food and pastries, I just love the chocolate donut
  • Give Café by Kynd Community : Breakfast bowls and very instagrammable walls
  • CPH Canggu : Nice scandinavian food
  • Lola’s : Somebody said breakfast again ?
  • Bali Buda : With a few locations around Canggu area, this is your go to for vegan food and pastries and everything, I had the best vegan mac & cheese of my life ( maybe the only one too). I totally recommend this place.
  • Lifescrate : I like to go there for early breakfast, the smoothies are the best I have ever had
  • Ruko Café : For breakfast after a surf session on the beach nearby
  • Bali Bowls : Obviously for bowls but also for morning yoga sessions
  • My Warung : Good indonesian food and cute location
  • Moana : A cute tahitian restaurant
  • The Common : For the fish tacos again 😀
  • Mad pops : Ice Cream : Vegan please


Yoga & Healing 


  • Samadi Bali : Enjoy a yoga session, an ecstatic dance evening and amazing food from the Samadi restaurant, oh yeah , and you can shop some cute yoga pants and cute jewlery from the Samadi shop … Last but not least, they have a market on sundays where you can shop all kind of cute organic stuff.
  • The Practice Bali : The best yoga classes in town and free sessions on Tuesdays, I was there for a kirtan concert and had the best time
  • Sakti Healing : For Reiki, tarot reading and healing crystals, this is the place to be, just make sure to book an appointment in advance.


Sunset Drinks 


  • La Brisa Bali – A must do, the food is great if you stay for dinner 
  • Finn’s Beach Club : The asian Nikki Beach, the sunset from the finn’s is out of this world
  • Como Beach Club : Modern and different, I enjoyed my last day in Canggu there; had a good ceviche and a mango cheesecake (the best)
  • Morabito Art Villa – MAJOR COUP DE COEUR, I have never seen a location that beautiful, if you can afford it, sleep there, if you can’t, just go for a sunset drink, the staff is the nicest and the sunset is spectacular.


  • The W Bali, even if this one is in Semniyak but it is worth the Go Jek ride



Just like many towns in Bali, every night is for a specific spot where everyone gathers to party

  • Monday : Luigi’s Hot Pizza for a DJ set and the pizza is really good by the way
  • Tuesday : Deus Ex Machina for tattoos and tacos. You can get cute tattoos by the talented tattoo artists, enjoy the good music, street art exhibition, it is a place to be
  • Wednesday : Pablo’s or Old Man’s, it is good night to go out in Canggu and end up in Sandbar
  • Thursday : Pretty Poision is your place
  • Friday : (my favorite) The Lawn , for the pool during the day and the best party in the night.
  • Saturday, you go to the Vault, if you want to dance all night (electro music usually)
  • Any day : Old Man’s; a classic, if you’re out of options, just go there, there is a good party every night, they had a Beer Pong Championship on a night I was there

You can find pictures and stories on my Instagram : ibtifromthevalley



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