Marrakesh 2020, don’t miss these 4 spots

One thing I love about Marrakesh is that there is always a new cool place opening everytime I come here.

Besides the many attractions and beautiful places you can go to in a classical visit, the red city has always something new to offer.

In the beginning of this year, I made a list of the 4 hot spots to visit in 2020 :

  1. KABANA Marrakesh :  Another rooftop with a view, good food and cool events, Yoga and Brunch ? Jazz Night ? Salsa anyone ? To follow ASAP  ….

  • 2. BACHA COFFEE : If you like coffee of course, but mainly if you want to travel in time and feel like a « bacha » from another era.
  • 3. L’Mida Marrakesh : A beautiful setting in the middle of the medina BUT the food, definitely worth a visit, authentic cuisine with a modern touch, thank me later for this one.
  • 4. Les Jardins du Lotus : Brunch all day, cocktails, dreaaaamy location, amazing food, great playlist. It is the new place where you can chill anyday of the week, bring your friends and blow their minds !
  • Hope you’ll enjoy these spots !


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